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The majority of our clients are either approaching retirement or already retired. Some have inherited wealth from their families. Others are current or retired military personnel, similar to Adam Messer, who served as an officer in the United States Navy.

Those who are well-established in their careers and still working want to grow their wealth in a measured fashion. These clients work with us to develop a realistic picture of what life will be like in retirement. They get excited about growing their portfolios and thinking about how they’ll spend their time when they enjoy their well-earned retirement. Among their concerns are running out of money in retirement, weathering another market downturn, and the impacts of taxes and government policies.

They don’t have the time or inclination to actively manage their money themselves, so they want to work with an advisory team that can serve as trusted stewards and take action on their behalf whenever necessary.

There is no asset minimum for becoming our client. We consider it far more important for there to be a mutual fit and comfort level for working together. In fact, we find great fulfillment in the warm, yet professional relationships we build with our clients.

Periodically, we host a coffee club for our clients to come and talk informally about the markets. If you’d like to attend or get further information, please call our office.

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